The company policy of EOT Energy A/S has been made to ensure that the service provided satisfies the customers demands.



The company policy of EOT Energy A/S has been made to ensure that the service provided satisfies the customers demands, as well as all the relevant requirements applicable to EOT Energy A/S, through our DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 certified management system.

​It is also the policy of EOT Energy A/S to supply materials according to national and international standards, as well as our customers specific requirements and specifications, where this does not compromise EOT Energy A/S legally and morally.

​The company policy shall ensure that the materials quoted and supplied meet the contractual requirements, as well as being competitive, as regards to the conditions agreed between EOT Energy A/S and our customers.

​EOT Energy A/S are continuously aware of the changes in demand from both our national and international customers. It is the responsibility of each individual employee to ensure that we always meet and fulfil these requirements, as a minimum.

​To maintain the high quality and quick service expected of EOT Energy A/S, the employees are always undergoing continuously improvements to ensure that mutual beneficial relationships are kept with customers and suppliers both.

​EOT Energy A/S have been ISO 9001 certified by DNV since 1990.


In-house Quality Inspections and Tests ​

Receiving and Inspecting Goods

​Visual and dimensional checks of incoming goods against the delivery notes from the supplier to ensure we have received the correct items and the correct number of items. At the same time the markings on the items are checked.

Positive Material Identification (PMI) Checks

​Using our own Thermo Scientific Niton Handheld XRF Analyser we perform PMI checks on the austenitic stainless, ferritic stainless, chromium molybdenum etc. items received at our warehouse to ensure we receive the items in the correct material.

Delta Ferrite Test of Duplex materials

We perform delta ferrite tests on items produced in ferritic stainless steels. These steels are also known as Duplex (S31803) and Super Duplex (S32750/S32760). A delta ferrite range of 35-60% for these materials indicate a correct heat treatment, the optimum mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

Control of Material Test Certificates

​The material test certificates (according to EN 10204) are controlled to ensure they contain the correct information according to the relevant standards and customer requirements. The certificate information is compared to the information recorded at the receiving inspection to ensure full traceability.

Surface Roughness Testing

Surface roughness testing is a critical part of many industrial processes, as it helps to ensure that the surfaces of components and materials meet the required standards for quality and performance. We has invested in the latest technology and equipment to provide accurate and reliable surface roughness testing services to their clients.


External Quality Inspections​

DS/EN ISO 17025 Accredited Tests

​Besides the in-house quality inspections and tests we are also able to order various mechanical tests and NDT at local DS/EN ISO 17025 accredited test houses. These tests could i.e. be:

  • NMagnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
  • NLiquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • NUltrasonic Testing (UT)
  • NHardness Tests (HT)
  • NRadiographic Test (RT)
  • NTensile Tests
  • NCharpy-V Impact Tests
  • NMicrostructural Examination
  • NCorrosion Tests i.e. G48