​EOT Energy A/S is proud to announce that we have been awarded a Framework Agreement by Energinet for the supply of Gas Transmission Pipeline Components (mostly fittings) for the Danish part of the Baltic Pipe Project.

​​The Baltic Pipe Project being developed by the Danish GAS TSO Energinet and Polish GAS TSO GAZ-SYSTEM will allow the transport of gas from Norway to Poland via Denmark. You can find more about the Baltic Pipe Project here: https://www.baltic-pipe.eu/

The Framework Agreement comprises i.e. a number of large size ANSI Fittings in high yield ASTM Materials. Most notably would be these examples:

​- 36” and 40” Equal Barred Tees in ASTM A860 WPHY60/65

​​- 40” x 14” and 36” x 10” Reducing Barred Tees in ASTM A860 WPHY60/65
​- 40” x 30” and 40” x 24” Conical Shaped Concentric Reducers in ASTM A860 WPHY60/65

– 36” and 40” Long Radius Elbows in ASTM A860 WPHY60/65

Besides these a number of smaller ANSI Fittings and Flanges will also be part of the supply to Energinet during the next 2-3 years